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Broadcasting System

The BroadbandVideo Broadcasting System was recently chosen as a finalist in the Colorado’s Most Innovative New Products competition sponsored by the Denver Business Journal. BroadbandVideo is proud of this achievement as we seek to bring new and unique concepts and capabilities to streaming media and our customers.

The BroadbandVideo Broadcasting System was designed for those who are creating video on regular basis and want control over the management of that video. It is a complete solution for taking video content, whether it’s live, on videotape or a digital file and delivering it to users on your website. The capabilities are broad ranging and offer a unique way to interact with your content.

The Broadcasting System consists of 5 components, each of which interacts with one another to deliver the resulting elements into a compelling video presentation. These components consist of the following:

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Using the Broadcasting System, you become the producer and decide what elements to use where, what they look like and how they act. You can insert graphics, text, flash animations and literally any other elements you can imagine and have them all triggered by events that happen in the video. You can insert commercials, promos, opens, closes just like a real television broadcast station. In fact, the Broadcasting System was designed to mimic how a real television broadcasting station works.

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The Broadcast Encoder

The BroadbandVideo Broadcast Encoder is a customized version of the popular Windows Media Encoder that allows you to create multiple bandwidth files on standard Wintel machines. Our expertise in video has allowed us to create a general-use codec that operates well at 28.8, 56k, 100k and 200k - insuring that your viewing audience has the best possible video experience regardless of internet connection speed. We can also customize the encoder to handle live events from your location with additional insertion elements (open, close, commercial) available at the press of a button. Our encoding methodology provides your content viewers with a "click and play" experience and is the key to interfacing with the other elements of the BBV Broadcasting System.
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The Broadcast Center

At the heart of BroadbandVideo beats a mighty bandwidth beast. We've set up Windows Media Servers and placed them at one of the industries best-known facilities, ViaWest. These servers have maximum exposure to the internet at large with a pipe capable of bursting to 100mbps data throughput. This insures your viewers video needs, and video experience, will be the best possible. We've got 24 hour a day monitoring, data measurement reporting and all the extras you'd expect from a world-class hosting facility.
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The Broadcast Station Manager

The BroadbandVideo Station Manager is an HTML interface that allows you to manage all the aspects of your video assets. Indexing is a key feature providing you the ability to insert timecode, which marks and identifies each video segment. No traditional editing suite or software is needed saving you countless hours of work. The Station Manager allows control over these important features;

• Indexing - Identifying start & stop points in a show.
• Reporting - Customer generated reports showing how many times a show or clip is watched and for how long.
• Show Builder - Provides for assembly of shows from various clips. Clips can include video content such as programming, commercials, promotionals, opens, closes, or shows themselves.
• Ad Serving - Rotation of ads, which can include banners, video or other content elements within the player window.
• Event Triggering - Allows for triggering of various HTML elements within the player window all controlled by the video content.
• Control Buttons - Complete control over the look and feel of the control buttons and how they are laid out.
• Skins Definitions - Controls the look and feel of the player window

Station Manager Sample Screens
  Clip Manager -
This powerful tools allows you define "clips" from a continuous video file. These clips can have many attributes - including the ability to trigger the appearance of related HTML-based content in surrounding player windows.

Click to see full size version.
  Modify Clip -
This screen shows some of the data associated with this particular clip. By defining clips from a larger source video, you can continually re-use video elements without the hassle of physically editing each presentation.

Click to see full size version.
  Manage Shows -
This screen  allows you to set the sequence in which defined clips appear. You can now "program" for your audience just like a broadcast television station.

Click to see full size version.

Once you’ve performed the necessary editing and content management, the resulting hyperlinks can be inserted in your website. When a user clicks on the hyperlinks on your site, the video window pops and plays the video and any other elements you have specified.
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Broadcast Content Center

This dedicated server can host all the elements related to your video / multimedia presentation for easy and speedy delivery. The frames around the BroadbandVideo Digital Player can utilize any and all of the following content in any combination:

1) PowerPoint Slides
2) HTML and associated logo branding elements
3) The BBV Built-In Chat Component
4) BBV (or any third party) Interactive Polling
5) Data-base Drawn Content (from your servers or ours)
6) E-learning Components (questionnaires, tests, etc.)
7) Almost ANY content that can be displayed in a standard browser window
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The BroadbandVideo Digital Player

The result of years of work, the BroadbandVideo Digital Player draws on Microsoft Windows Media technology to deliver an unsurpassed online video experience to the internet video viewer. Every PC with Windows 98 service pack 2 and above has the software ALREADY INSTALLED to view our product. Because of the integrated nature of this player, updates happen automatically and don't require a restart of your PC if an update is required.

By utilizing the core Active-X components of Windows Media Technology coupled with database driven content frames, we're able to present a totally customizable environment that can be managed from a simple interface. We have many different versions of the player which accommodate synchronized PowerPoint slides, live event information, audio-only streaming and many other application-specific configurations.

BroadbandVideo Digital Player Samples
  Children's Hospital uses a player featuring their logo, streaming video window, content window to the right of the video and power point slides that change along with the speaker's presentation.

Click to see full size version.
  The City of Littleton uses a very simple player that highlights only the video window and minimal branding.

Click to see full size version.
  The Denver Broncos use a player that features logo branding at the top (with a host of option buttons), a video window, a content window that can change with the video presentation and a rotating banner ad at the bottom.

Click to see full size version.

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