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Multimedia Features

Encoding Clarity

Our experience is in the creation of programming and content for television and a VOD environment. These are the standards to which we create Internet-based streaming video programming.

Multiple Bandwidth Recognition

We identify the user's connection speed and deliver content that has been encoded to optimize maximum clarity for their particular connection.

Private-Labeled Player Window

Remove unnecessary advertising links and distractions from your website visitor's video. We give you the ability to control user experience in terms of advertising and links.
Video with
Private-Labeled Player
Gambro BCT - Blood Donation

Feature Rich Player

By utilizing the core Active-X components of Windows Media Technology coupled with database driven content frames, we're able to present a totally customizable environment for use in a variety of multimedia type applications. The following are just a few of the features that can be added to your video content to create extremely compelling presentations:

  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Supersize button for "lean back" video size.
  • HTML and associated logo branding elements
  • Built-In Chat Components
  • Interactive Polling & Surveys
  • Data-base Drawn Content (from your servers or ours)
  • E-learning Components (questionnaires, tests, etc.)
  • Flash Animations/Presentations
  • Banner Ads (multiple ads can be rotated in and out)
Video with
PowerPoint Slides
Children's Hospital
Video with HTML
and branding elements
Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Broadcast Assembly

Because the core of BroadbandVideo's  technology lies in it's database structure, we are able to give streaming media attributes that were previously available only from Broadcast Television. This means that content from many different file sources can be assembled "on-the-fly" without tedious editing or file chopping. You can create a content file, a promotions file and a commercial file that can each be hours long - and then cut in and out of each file using our bufferless assembly technology. The viewer sees content, then promo, followed by a commercial which leads back to content.

For more information about enterprise-wide applications of broadcast assembly technology, please visit Local Media Channels.

Video with
Broadcast Assembly
Broadband Gazette

Transparent Integration

It's your website, and it's your video content. At BroadbandVideo we realize our best position is as a "silent partner" in the background helping to you to achieve success.
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